Power BI Helps Revenue Growth & Employee Satisfaction


ClientAxel Receivables
IndustryAccounts Receivables
ServicesPower BI (Report design & development, data modeling), Process Optimization

Axel Receivables operates as a leading financial receivables company, boasting a dedicated team of around 200 skilled debt collectors, performance analysts, and debt buyers. Specializing in acquiring non-performing assets from credit card and mortgage companies, Axel strategically recovers debt at significant discounts to benefit both creditors and debtors.
The core of Axel’s success lies in the exceptional performance of its collectors. Maintaining a sharp focus on collector metrics is crucial for sustaining high profitability. Axel’s proactive management team consistently monitors performance indicators, implementing necessary adjustments to optimize revenue streams and ensure sustained success.


The collection metrics for the agency are managed in an Excel sheet and csv files. At the end of each month, the finance team ingests the data into the central database and then calculates the KPIs as well as commissions. The management team is facing challenges keeping up with proactively monitoring employee performance. Meanwhile, managers manually build scorecards every other week and provide corrective feedback. There is no means for the employees to keep track of their performance other than the information they record on their physical/software notepads.


Axel Receivables would like to implement a solution that:

  • Generates Collector Scorecard
  • Refreshes data from files every 4 hours
  • Has easy to read visuals
  • Allows collectors to review their own scorecard
  • Managers can compare key metrics against goals
  • Can be auto-emailed to the collectors at 5 am
  • Allows management to use various filters
  • Allows management to drilldown
  • Has reasonably priced licensing


After studying the requirements, Pi9 suggests using Microsoft Power BI tool that is included with Axel’s current Microsoft 365 E5 licensing. Pi9 will develop reports geared towards two different audience groups – Management and Collectors. The management team will be able to look at aggregate KPIs as well as filter by client, collector, dates, and additional filters. Collectors will be able to see their own scorecard to understand their performance metrics against the set budget. The model will connect directly to the csv files to pull the data required to create necessary visuals and analysis.


As a result of implementing appropriate tools, there were immediate gains recorded by the Agency.

  • Updated scorecards – Power BI made easy to read scorecards available to the collectors and managers. Users had access to their own data and nobody else’s. Managers had access to their entire team’s performance scorecards and a summary of it.
  • Self-service – Employees now did not need to track their performance on a notepad. Instead, the performance data was available to access on-demand or via Power BI report subscriptions.
  • Timely performance feedback – Managers and employees were able to address any concerns about performance in a timely fashion and make corrective actions without any delay.
  • Proactive actions – Based on the scorecards, employees were able to take self-corrective actions. Mid and senior level managers were able to view updated KPIs every 15 minutes. If the goals started to slip, they were able to introduce incentives (ex. raffle, additional bonus, etc) to foster employee performance.
  • Improved employee satisfaction/morale – Instead of having to wait for two weeks to receive feedback about their performance, employees were now able to receive timely performance. This helped avoid the snowball effect that bad performance had without any feedback for two weeks.
  • Revenue growth – All of the above actions collectively allowed for a growth in revenue due to timely corrective actions and introduction of morale and performance-boosting incentives when needed.

Note: Given the nature of the business, names & revenue have been anonymized in the screenshots.

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