Meet Our Team

Meet our team – the remarkable individuals who make up our dynamic team. Each member brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and passion to the table, collectively driving our shared mission forward. Get to know the faces behind our success, explore their diverse expertise, and discover the collaborative spirit that defines our workplace. Meet the team that is dedicated to shaping innovative solutions and fostering excellence in everything we do.

Narayan Solanki, Founder & CEO

Narayan Solanki

Narayan, a technology enthusiast with a love for photography, brings over two decades of experience in delivering impactful Technology and Digital transformation projects. His diverse background spans various industries, and he has excelled in roles such as Enterprise/Solution Architect and Technology Lead. Narayan has contributed his expertise to renowned Microsoft consultancies and internal clients, successfully steering numerous global projects. His professional journey is marked by multiple certifications and accreditations from esteemed institutions, including Microsoft, The British Computer Society, The Open Group, and more. As of 2024, Narayan serves as the Microsoft Certified Trainer Regional Lead for the UK.

Ankeet Shah, Partner & Co-founder Pi9 USA

Ankeet Shah, Meet Our Team

Ankeet is an accomplished leader in the technology sector with experience in Direct Response Media, Food Manufacturing, US Federal Student Loans, and Accounts Receivables. His track record highlights successful mid-scale projects, improving performance, resource productivity, and driving revenue growth. Throughout his career, Ankeet has worked with Best Buy, Patterson Dental, Cannella Media, Pearson Vue, Hilco Receivables, etc. In his leisure time, Ankeet enjoys engaging in hiking, capturing the beauty of nature through photography, and nurturing a deep love for classical music.

Neena, an adept financial strategist and seasoned professional, brings a wealth of experience to her role as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). With a robust background in finance and a keen eye for fiscal management, she has consistently contributed to the success and financial health of the organizations she’s been a part of. Neena’s proficiency extends to strategic financial planning, risk management, and ensuring optimal resource allocation. Her commitment to driving financial excellence is complemented by a dedication to fostering collaborative financial strategies that align with overall business objectives.

Neena Solanki, CFO

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